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J-Lube 10 oz

J-Lube 10 oz

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J Lube: a hand lubricant concentrate 'for the vetirinarian'! J-Lube is an inexpensive concentrated lubricant sold in powder form.

When mixed with water, J-Lube becomes very slick and slippery. If you've never experienced J-Lube in person, you're in for quite a surprise!!! It is great for fisting or for playing with dildos, butt plugs, and any other large objects that bring you pleasure. There's a whole culture about the use of J-lube on the web. Try to google it, and you'll be amazed (and amused) :-).

See as excellent source of information about the use and safety of J Lube (Thanks)!

Consummable Hygiene : Lubrificant

technical informations:

Type:Lub - Forme:Flacon - Weight:284 g


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