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Pack 3 Poppers: Jungle Black Label 30 + Jungle Original + Backroom 
Pack 3 Poppers: Jungle Black Label 30 + Jungle Original + Backroom

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Special Offer

RAM PRODUCTS is extremely proud of being the original producers of JUNGLE JUICE®.

Other organisations have tried, in vain, to copy our exclusive formula but JUNGLE JUICE® is made exclusively for RAM PRODUCTS. As with the rest of our product range, you are always guaranteed of getting the original and best product.

Simply the best quality products delivering total customer satisfaction.

This product is supplied in 25ml bottles presented in our world famous RAM PRODUCTS grey striped box.

Do not be fooled by the imitations that our competitors present around the world, our product is presented to you in the large size of 25 ml bottles.

25 ml - JUNGLE JUICE ®

Consummable Diffused : Poppers
Formula:Nitrite Propyle - Valeur:25 ml
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