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  TRY OUT     13 min
Anthony, the new junior chef has a meeting with William, his boss, alias 'The Storm'. Is he really ready to work for the Storm? There's only one way to find out! Storm gets his schlong out. A bit timid, the twink suddenly gets on his knees and gets a throat full of it. Thinking that he'll get the full treatment from the new guy, Storm is going to fuck him inside out on the floor. Here's a young man who's going places.
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12, that's right, 12 Frenchmen are going to partake in the orgy of a lifetime! Once they get their cocks out, they are going jump on one and put their cocks out to get sucked and finger his ass! Soon, some of the dudes can't handle it and square up to fuck! Once the passive dude has gotten plunged by all of them, he's going to get showered in cum! This is a French gangbang at its finest signed by Comme des Anges!
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There's train tracks running past my hood but the trained don't run no more. It's in the middle of the pine forrest that you hear crickets chirping. I went to hang out there with my pal Pascal. He was wearing a blue track suite and a pair of dirty undies underneath. That was too intense! First we started sucking cock. Once we had slobbered all over each other's dick, you should'v seen what happened next.... Wanna see what happened next?
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  3 HOT BEGINNERS     22 min
During auditions, 3 guys show up to get casted in the latest Stéphane Berry film and to see what they are worth, Stéphane puts Mikael, Kevin and Yohann in front of the cameras and tells them to fuck away. The 3 are aged 18 - 31and discover not 1 but 2 other cocks to suck! Soon it's tongue time and they all spread wide to get wet! Yohann won't have to be forced to force anyone to take on his foot long of cock!
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