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Safir and his cellmate are doing some forced labor outside the prison. Watched by a guard as young as them, they trap him in the river and make him suck! The guard immediately becomes docile and gets plowed by the North African stud while he gets a throat load from the his cellmate! 10 minutes of pure plow later, the guard gets a face full of cum!
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  HOLD DA CAM WHILE I JAM U     19 min
"You got that address? Keep it to yourself! There's 3 of us already. The 20 year old bitch from the last time, me and my cock crazy friend with the camera! Where' going to shovel that slut some serious cock and show no mercy! We'll keep that cam turning so he doesn't miss a drip!"
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Tony, a hardbodied lad of 18, just loves cock! He loves it so much that decides that he's going to let us film him! We head out to the country and William can't control himself so he fucks the twink in the back seat! But once we're in the fields, a serious sun is going shine down on some serious ass! Despite his youth, he takes it on like a veteran! This is some intense vid action signed by H.P.G.!
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  SWAP THE SALESMAN     20 min
A hunk goes to a travel agency so he can join his friends in Tunisia. All the hotels are full so the agent proposes a trip to Morocco. To convince him, he's going to show him a Moroccan speciality. He gets out that cock and starts sucking! Soon there is a whole lot of fucking going down! And these 2 stallions swap each other back and forth and get all French on you! Signed by Stéphane Berry!
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