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  RAW ARAB COCK     23 min
Mourad has found a little slut to take home. When the come in the masked guest is going to suck Mourad's package through his white undies. Mourad is really turned on by his hairy little ass and doesn't hesitate to explore it with his tongue! Soon that ass is ready to take on that huge cock and Mourad bareback the daylights out of him! Once he's inside, he puts on the speed to make him moan like a bitch! This is pure bareback joy by a duo of amateurs and is not to be missed!
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  COP-NAPPING     21 min
Inspector Enzo Rimenez wakes up groggy and hand cuffed. Much to his surprise, it's one of his partners who's behind his abduction. Completely psychologically unstable, he drugged him so he could have at him! But the victim consents. After sucking his cock, the 2 are going to go into a massive 69 and then swap-sodomize between kidnapper and kidnapped! A couple of intensely more than just convincing actors in a vid signed by Menoboy!
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  FROM HEAD TO TOE     27 min
Here's some more hardcore hot sneaker licking and sniffing action! If you're into hardcore trampling then you've knocked on the right door and you'll see some kicking action in the ass and balls! Tyzer is as hard as a rock and in this fist part you're going to see him go crazy! Check out the second half "Tug My Cock, Flood My Ass!"... It's intense!
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This Ebony stud has nuts full of cum wants to make himself useful and agreeable! He's going to go hitchhiking for a fuck so he gets on the side of the road and lets his naked, athletic body do the thumbing. Soon a stud stops and takes him out to the wild near some water for a great spot to fuck! After getting his ass bashed and mouth full of cum, our ebony stud is going to release a cum tsunami in that driver's ass. A great interracial swap scene signed by Comme des Anges.
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