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  POLICE ABUSE     22 min
Leaving a nightclub, a couple gets followed strangely by a cop. Using his badge to get inside their place, he ties them up and gags them. The schizo cop is going to force the one tied to the staircase to suck him off and take it in the ass until he shoots a load of cum in his face. Original scenario with blazing hot actors, this is a masterpiece from Menoboy.
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A dark haired stud with muscular pecs is working all the machines in the deserted gym. A hungry blonde is watching him in the mirror. They exchange glances and then start kissing deeply. All hot over that pecked-up chest, the blonde gets down to some licking. Instinctively, his hot mouth gets down to the glandular section. Then he gets in position on the workout table and gets fucked dizzy like an 'Angel'.
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  THE GARDENER'S ASS     12 min
In his villa, Loan is tanning poolside with his pal. They are checking out the gardener. Loan calls him over with his rock hard cock. The gardener is starving for cock and laps it up without a second to lose. But it's only with a dick in his hairy ass and another in his mouth that he will truly be satisfied. Loan is way too excited and, when it's his turn, gets some dick too! A swapping super trio filmed entirely outdoors by Stéphane Berry.
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  BLOW YOUR WAD, BRO     26 min
2 bad boyz hook up. Immediately, 1 starts to suck the other with his cock out of his underwear! His big North African cock gets out and they start to get steamy in their clothes. Once he's all sucked up, he going to gets his balls worked on. Then he's going to split the guy in 2! They dude is going blow a huge load all over the other. This is 100% French bad boy action at it's finest!
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