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  4 ON THE POOL TABLE     18 min
2 guys are shooting pool. Soon a superb North African stud with a dazzling body joins them. Of course, things get kinda crazy. And just when there's about to be some sodomy, a 4th guys shows up. Soon there's a couple of receivers on the felt getting plowed side by side. Rare and very hot, one of the couples are going to climax at the same time. Pool table fucking is pretty common in porn. But when it's Stéphane Berry holding the camera, it's worth the ride!
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  MOURAD'S INK TWINK     20 min
Mourad decides he's going to look up one of his fuck buddies! He's a Frenchman with tattoos and piercing all over the place who just loves that cock! In this vid, Mourad is going to get his brains sucked out of him and his ass rimmed away before there some anal meltdown! 100% French amateur vid!
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  ASS TRANCED     38 min
In the middle of a trance, 2 apprentices bring forth 2 young men. Under their spell, the 4 twinks twist into a cock-sucking, multiple 69! Once those cocks are hard and slippery, they bareback the daylights out of one another! At the end of this journey of cock enlightenment, a good gob of cum is waiting for face! One gets a full mouth-load!
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  MORNING TRIO     14 min
Angle is spending the night with a chum. Early in the morning they are both rock hard and want to go for so more! That's when Stéphane Berry shows up for breakfast. Soon Stéphane finds himself nailed to the bed with Angel's cock in his mouth! In the end it's Stéphane who's going to get some rise and shine with some good hard cock! All 3 are going to get some sodo-action that ends up in a cock sis kabob!
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