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  FUCKING ON THE JOB     27 min
While their client is on vacation, two entrepreneurs Angel Rimenez & Enzo Tyessen make an work inspection. The find themselves in an empty house and all dressed up. Suddenly they get the urge. Angel is going to get his ass exploded and then gives Enzo the same treatment! This is an intense fusion between 2 hot actors who manage to cum at the same time! Signed by Menoboy.
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  BAKER TO EMPTY     16 min
The baker's wife is having her period, no way to touch her. The only problem is he's got balls ready to burst! Luckily his apprentice is very understandable and says he'll take care of it. They are going to get it on right there in the bakery! In between the oven and the mixer and soon there's 1 more! The apprentice is raving and is going to get his ass baked by one the the other until it's raining sperm. A Stéphane Berry film.
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  STRIP POKER PALS     21 min
What do you do when you're bored with your pals in the middle of the day? Why not propose a bit of strip poker? You lose at cards, you lose your clothes. If it works out, it's an instant orgy. Truth or consequence? In front of Stéphane Berry's camera, 5 minutes is all it takes for these 4 studs to end up naked and fucking all over the place!
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  BLOW MY ASS AWAY!     21 min
William is new in the hood and one of his neighbors hits him up for a smoke. He's a pure intercity kid! Suprise! He says he'll suck his cock too! He really digs William's dick and gets impaled by it in front of the camera. He's a real cum whore and is going to get his ass bashed with that cock! Back in his bed, William lubes up that ass again before he goes back to labor!
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