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  ASS BASHED BY AN ARAB     11 min
Tomy is in Marrakech on vacation and writing a postcard to a pal telling him about Moroccan pleasure... namely an enormous North African cock! Tomy can't forget the images of getting his cock-hungry, French ass plowed inside and out. The Arab was hung like a donkey! This is some intense interracial suck and fuck signed by Stéphane Berry!
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  3 IN KEVIN'S BED     14 min
While Mateo is having fun in the bathroom (see 'Fix that Canon') his friends Seb & Luc are spending the night at Kevin's. This young French trio are going to have a hard time getting out of bed! Tenderly wrapped up together, they start to rub and suck each other. Kevin's too lucky. These guys are too well hung and pumped to be believable! They take turns laboring his ass that's so hungry it gets fed 2 cocks at the same time!
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  COCK CRAZY PUNKS     17 min
Get a load of these hot twinks coming straight from Eastern Europe! The first is an ass crazy punk with a mohawk. Between his legs is a rocket of a cock that is just waiting for his passive little friend. After sucking on it for a couple of minutes, the mohawk is going to plug his barebacking cock in to his friend's ass! The smooth punk is literally going to get anally assaulted! He's going to squeal up a storm until that cock is going to blow its load in his face!
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A thin and hairless 19 year old finds himself with a pair of muscular dudes. In the shower, they start licking each other all over a sucking cock! In bed, the 3 start to suck each other again. That's until one of the guys pumps his cock into that tight and hairless 19 year old ass! The 2 are going to swap the Twink back and forth and give him the barebacking of a lifetime until they shower his young face with cum!
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