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After Valentin has treated all the boys in the hood like whores, a couple of the lads are ready for revenge. Asleep & naked in bed, 4 dudes pull him out and lay him down on his stomach and spread his legs. First they start to finger that splendid ass! He tries to resists but in like 30 seconds, he has 4 fingers up there! One after the other, they are going to get their licks in and Valentin, who has become a little more submissive, is going to get a throat full of cock! A pure Gang Bang signed by Comme des Anges!
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  FORCED FUCKED     25 min
With a hood on, Marc breaks into Julien's and find him asleep on the couch. He gets on top of him and starts to spank his little ass and force his cock down his throat. Once Julien has that cock in his mouth, he drops his prude look and turns into a cock bitch. Then Marc puts his foot up Julien's ass, making him scream in pain! Even more excited, he bombards that ass even harder!
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  ARAB SPERM HOLE     18 min
Arthur and Samir are chilling on the couch and kissing. Soon their jeans awaken with hard cock to suck! Once they get in bed, Samir gets a throat full of Arthur's cock. But that's nothing near the intense pounding his ass is going to take! On all fours in bed, the North african stud is going to get every inch of Arthur's thick, barebacking cock! The active Twink rolls him all around, spiking him until he fills his ass full of cum! 100% French Barebacking fun filmed by Spermoboy!
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  A HORNY INTRUDER     24 min
From time to time, Grégoire likes to sneak into the barracks to see what new recruits have come in. But he gets caught this time! Sealed of inside, a masked man is going to make him pay for his curiosity with some hard cocking in the ass! This bitch in heat is going to get a whole company's worth of new recruit cock! Then he's got to lick it all up!
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