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Click to see product infos- VIBRATING NIPPLE PUMPS PURPLE
Stimulateur vibrant à téton. Design coquin. Pressez les petites bourses pour faire tenir. 7 modes de vibrations. Nodules massants en jelly. Longueur Totale 87 mm-Diamètre 30 mm-Poids en Gr 70Type de Piles 6 PILES LR442 pièces (1 paire)
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Ref.: B0019P9SPGPX
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Tits Play
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Nipple Suction Play TWIST N SUCK
Click to see product infos- Nipple Suction Play TWIST N SUCK
Nos TWIST N SUCK présentent une force de succion très puissante et leur utilisation est très facile. Ainsi, ils sont le "jouet" parfait pour la stimulation des tétons de DOUCE à TRÈS HARD. La force de succion est telle puissante que le partenaire act...
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Ref.: 134429
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Tits Play
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Pince à seins ''Japonese Clover''
Click to see product infos- Pince à seins ''Japonese Clover''
These standard issue Japanese Clover clamps are so classic and good that of course they’re part of the Mister B nipple clamps collection.Originally made in Japan, these clamps are designed to hang up sails and nets in the fishing industry, they do th...
16.00 €  
Ref.: IMP660200
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Tits Play
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Mawa Nipple Clamps
Click to see product infos- Mawa Nipple Clamps
These Mister B Mawa Nipple Clamps are our best selling all purpose nipple clamps that we carry. With their wide openings, these clamps always do their job, regardless of the size of the nipples of the willing(less) victim.These clamps do not operate ...
25.00 €  
Ref.: IMP660400
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Tits Play
Butch Nipple Suckers - Titus
Click to see product infos- Butch Nipple Suckers - Titus
These butch nipple cylinders have a bigger opening then our classic nipple suctioncups and the good news is: they suck just as well!
13.55 € This product makes you win 3 points EncoOore!
Ref.: IMP663110
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Tits Play




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