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  FEVER     20 min
You've definitely scene these actors act with a scenario written for them. Now see what happens when Seth, Greg and Tony are going to be unleashed in a bed with no lines to learn! To produce this vid, we simply threw them in a room naked and turned the camera on! The results were 3 young Frenchmen, all natural and full of hormones, go at it like there was no tomorrow and show us what steel they were forged from! An exclusive video from Le Kiff!
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  NEW BLUE COLLAR ASS     15 min
Will, the new worker, is late to work again! The guy on the earlier shift is getting kind of angry. But here's his chance for a little revenge! In the employee's lounge, the Twink won't even get a chance to change into his work clothes before he finds a hard dick between his lips! But it's his ass that's going to bay back all that over time topped with a blow of cum! A super hot duo scene signed by Stéphane Berry!
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4 hot Twinks get together in their skivvies on a bed to play some cards. Whoever wins a round gets to truth-or-dare someone. Of course, it becomes all about ass! "Show us your cock!", "Show us your asshole!", "Rim him!" Soon the Twinks are all hard and full of hormones. With the quartet naked, they start to suck, rim and bareback one another in every direction! One of the sluttier Twinks, takes on 2 cocks at the same time! With a double barebacking sodomy session, there can only be a 4 man cum shower to follow!
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Léo Helios is not only hot but French, blonde and romantic. He's in the tub waiting for his man with a couple of glasses of champagne and after saying cheers they cuddle up and he talks about his erotic fantasies. Suddenly, both Frenchmen as hard as a rock and start to suck away. Léo gives his man a rimming and then bangs his ass in every position. You gotta love this French couple who can fuck in that many positions in such a little bathtub. Right there in front of Stéphane Berry's camera!
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