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  ALL THE WAY     19 min
Brenden shows his pal his father's new SUV. There's a lot of space in there. You can even fuck inside of it! And that's what they're going to do! They caress one another, kiss, then start sucking until they wind up in deep ass session of sodomy! But when it comes to safety, our 2 young studs don't fool around. Don't forget to buckle up!
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It ain't easy living on a farm. Today when I was down in the barn, Med and Jérémyh showed up. They made me get on my knees and suck! They never let up and once they stopped fucking me in any way imaginable, they pissed on my ass and then threw me in the wheelbarrow to blow their cum all over me!
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  GIVE IT THE CRANK     17 min
In the middle of nowhere, Loan's car breaks down in a little town and he has to find someone to fix it. He finds a garage but the mechanic doesn't take checks or credit cards. This is a good occasion to pay with physical goods. After sucking Evan off in a fury, our young stallion is going to bang him senseless on the hood. We can only guarantee this soon to be classic MenOboy vid. During the takes, the actor really got their rocks off... and it shows!
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It's not only at night that you meet someone in a club! The proof is that these 2 meet in the middle of the day when they were cleaning the place up! After sucking some serious cock in the men's room, the 2 well hung hotties are going to get on all fours and bang each other on the floor! It's intense ass rhythm at it's finest and the passive guy is going get his hair pulled in every direction and finish with his head in the john! A duo signed by Stéphane Berry!
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