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2 very straight dudes of about 30 are going play a little ass game between friends. They decide to connect to most docile of all orifices, the kind you find in an inflatable fuck doll! Both are hung like bears and muscled up like gods. And they swapfuck their latex girlfriend back in forth with glee!
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  TWINK SWAPPERS     17 min
Poolside, a couple of young vacationers have a desire to fuck! The twinks start to suck each other off! On the other side of the pool, a couple of hotties are doing the same thing. Less than 2 minutes later, they're all joined up and orgying! Big time cock sucking and some serious ass action is all you can expect from an Stéphane Berry orgy!
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  ON THE SAME FIELD     19 min
After the match a couple of Brazilian Soccer players are getting warm. Even before hitting the locker room, the boys are going to get some cock out and suck away! One of them is hung like a bear and is going to pound his team member's anus inside out! Overflowing with cock, he's going to get pounded like a bitch. This is true blue muscular Lation cock action at its finest!
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After stealing a wallet, a young straight due gets caught in the forest by a couple of guys who are going to teach him some manners. Thrown on the ground, they tear his clothes off. He tries to fight them off, but he's going to get a cock down his throat. Once he's got it in the ass, the twink becomes docile and lets his agressors pump away! Signed Comme des Anges.
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