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  MY BUTT BUDDIES     16 min
Two friends go to see their bud Jeremy, who is nearly completely nude in bed. They can't help but start to rub him up. He puts his hands down their pants and gets those cocks out. Then they all start sucking in every direction. Licked and fingered up right, Jeremy's ass is like a cock refuge! He's going to go wild as he gets pumped! But before Jeremy gets to cum, we're treated to a 3-way French 69! Sumptuous!
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A dude is looking for some action in the forest. A car drives by, stops and reverses. A couple of badboyz dressed to kill get down from the car. After a couple of words the dudes get into some serious outdoors action. In the sunshine there is some serious cock sucking and ass bashing going on! Especially when there's a facial! 100% French amateur footage!
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  ZIP ME UP!     16 min
A couple of salesman in suits are going to pull off the side of the road to go for a slash. They get back in the car and that's when Enzo Lacombe notices that his friend Rimenez forgot to zip up his fly. He proposes to zip it up for him but some hot cock smoking and rimming dizziness later, Enzo rips into his co-workers ass like there's no tomorrow! Then he's going to blow his load all over his torso! Signed by Menoboy.
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  FIRST MALE IN THE ASS     14 min
Only 21 and Kevin is a cock-addict! He doesn't miss an occasion to get a cock in his mouth and lead it down to his ass! Toady, however, he hasn't stumbled upon a simple amateur! Our dear William Storm is going to take care of that tight little ass of his and make him discover what a true cock storm is all about! Filmed in ultra-close-up and HD, this vid is the biz!
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