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Alex finds a dark hottie at the train station and his manly like he loves them. He takes Alex back to his place and they stop and kiss all along the way. Once they get there, he's going to discover a foot worth of that blonde's cock with memorable blow job in the living room. Then he's getting to get on all fours and his ass tended to from tongue to a cock deep inside!!!
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A doe eyed hottie with brown hair has a check-up with the Doctor Evan Pamish. His complaint is anal pains. The Doc isn't stupid and he knows he's here to pull! Evan goes a gets some other members of staff to feed the patient with all the cock he's been hankering for! With three well built medical specialists taking care of one patient, this ends in an intense orgy brought to you buy these young men and MenOboy!
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  A LIL ASS 4 A FURRY 40     22 min
Here's an amateur video that was sent to us from 1 of our 2 exhibitionists! 1 is a 40 year-old bear who masters his cock marvelously. The other dude wants to remain anonymous but has an ass that needs a feeding! At first, it's tender but things get out of hand quickly! The twink's ass gets literally dilated inside out... and he doesn't go quietly!
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  4 STAR SERVICE     17 min
On vacation in a gay hotel, Angel and Loan are killing some time masturbating to a gay vid. To spice things up, they get the receptionist and the bellboy up to their room and soon it's a fuckfest! Sucking and fucking all over the place! This swap-sodomy session gets deep and hot! These 4, as hot as they come and ready to give and take are going to explode each other's ass! A crazy orgy filmed by Stéphane Berry.
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