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Quartier Chaud vol.5 - DVD Citebeur 
Quartier Chaud vol.5 - DVD Citebeur

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It's dark and it smells like a cock of a hot male: it's the basement of the Quartier Chaud, where they come to unload their big dicks with the help of hungry bottoms. The address turns as fast as these asses get stretched to take the stalks of fuckers without pity. No need to play a role, here we are not in Hollywood: kneel down, show the bitch you are, suck and get it in the hole! Faced with the Arab buggies with the heroic dicks, ultra willing, preying and begging to attack again and again. The Marseillais and his mythic dick longer than an arm, Kousay the former hetero reconverted into a professional asshole, Malik and Anis the masked dominators, Alex Tivoli the young zobeur who wanted to enter the legend: choose your boss and let you go.

Fiche Technique:Zone:all
Duration:100 min
Interactive Menu
Alex TivoliActeur 
Axel LorentzActeur 
Jeff ChoActeur 
Le MarseillaisActeur 
Matt KennedyActeur 
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DVD Citebeur
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